Extended warranties for AGOGS electric bikes

4 year AGOGS ebike frame guarantee!


Thank you for buying the quality ebike brand - AGOGS electric bikes! 
We strongly believe our electric bicycle will be your partner for many years to come

To ensure your highest user satisfaction, we are coming up with the special Warranties:

  • The entire AGOGS electric bicycle is covered by the EU-wide 2-year guarantee, including the correct battery function  (standard bike consumables - tubes, brake-pads excluded).
  • ​Above to this, we are so confident of the endurance of our SONY cell batteries, that we give you the
    Certificate for the One-year Full battery Capacity.

Practically it means, if the typical single-charge battery range of AGOGS ebike (based on rider weight and typical route) will be significantly shortened within the first year, we will replace AGOGS battery for new one free of charge. Regardless how many kilometers were driven. The battery must be in good physical condition (we can accept normal wear and tear state), the original Certificate shall be present and we reserve the right to measure the real battery capacity on the certified test device. Batteries with more than 10% capacity degradation will be replaced. The unique Certificate is packed with every AGOGS ebike or you will receive it from your dealer.

  • By completing the Registration for below, you will obtain 2 years extended warranty on the aluminium frame of your AGOGS electric bicycle. The guarantee covers any damage of the frame or parts thereof (including the folding mechanism, with our folders) caused by a defect in the material or a manufacturing defect for 48 months after purchase. The warranty does not apply for extrnal damages caused by the electric bicycle rider. 

After sending this registration form, your data will be verified by the expedition staff and if everything is correct a registration confirmation will be sent to you by email within 4 working days.  Please print and keep the Frame Warranty Certificate to use the extended warranty with your AGOGS dealer

Register your bike



The AGOGS electric bikes manufacturer -  ekolo.cz company is as a processor of personal data handled by amended Law on Personal Data Protection, CZ no. 101/2000 Coll.  Submitting this registration is not committed to any legal action. After we manually check your data entered, you will receive the email confirmation - the Extended warranty certificate.