AGOGS Tracer become the ExtraEnergy test winner

March 15, 2016

The overall winner in the City Comfort category with the longest range and best K-Factor.

Test siegelThe results were announced by on EuroBike Fair.

AGOGS Tracer Trek
from the Czech Republic and reaching the highest K-Factor score in the Easy cathegory as well.  

This e-bike, along with all other tested models, could be seen during EuroBike Fair the at ExtraEnergy LEV Components Exhibition. 

This unique e-bike was also awarded "Very Good" mark in this test, which proves the great versatility of this long-range Pedelec. Equipped with SONY Li-Ion cells of the 630Wh capacity it makes one of the longest average range ever achieved in the Tour ride performance on a single battery - 83 kilometers. With the milder electric assistance setup one can rely on the realistic 140+km,  eliminating range anxiety feeling, well  known by many ebike users. 

The detailed test results can be found in Issue #12 of the ExtraEnergy Pedelec and E-Bike Magazine.